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Welcome to our blog 'The Buzz'.  Here we will keep you updated on what is happening in the world of bees and honey and anything else that we think you would be interested in.  If there is a topic you would like to hear about drop us an email and I'll see what we can do.

Good Neighbour Degustation Dinner

Written by Stephanie on September 25th, 2015.      0 comments

Last night we shouted my parents out for dinner to thank them for all the things they do to help us out.  They help us pack honey, paint bee boxes, harvest honey, etc.  We would be lost without them! 

Anyway, we went to our local, Good Neighbour, for a 5 course degustation dinner matched with Good George Beer and Mills Reef Wine.  A beer and a wine were paired with each course and we had to rate whether the beer (grain) or wine (grape) matched best with the food.  For each course the brewer and wine maker got up to talk about the food and how their product would match it.  It was very entertaining to say the least!  It was a lot of fun!  The wine only just won!

I was so busy enjoying the delicious food that I didn't get any photos!  Apart from the menu below.  I highly recommend the food at Good Neighbour the chefs Matt, Alice and the team did a fantastic job!  Do check out the beers and wines on the menu, there were some very yummy flavours coming through!

Featured in the meal was our Kirikiriroa honey along with Meyer Cheese.  As you see below it was a smoked Cambridge duck, Meyer Gouda gougere, Sweetree Honey glaze, chilli lollipop, walnut, smoke aroma.  It was so yummy!

You can read about Good George Beer, Sweetree honey and Meyer Cheese pairing here.

Grain-vs-grape-1     grain-vs-grape-2-582

Be in to Win!

Written by Stephanie on September 23rd, 2015.      0 comments

Be in to Win!! Tell us how you plan to (or are already) feeding the bees or any other tips you have for looking after bees in your garden.

The best idea by 8th Oct wins this pack: A bee jute bag, 500g Kirikiriroa honey, 500g Marokopa Spring honey, bee friendly wildflower seeds, honey wraps (small, medium & large) and the latest Good Magazine - worth a bit over $100!!

Either email us your plan or post it on our Facebook page!

bee aware month comp


Kid's 'Bee Aware' Colouring Competition

Written by Stephanie on September 8th, 2015.      0 comments

Hey Kids,

Did You Know That:

  • A lot of our food comes from bees pollinating the flowers?
  • In a bee's lifetime it makes 1 teaspoon of honey?
  • Bees are in need of our help to survive?

How Can you Help?

  • Plant Bee friendly flowers in your gardens.  Your parents can purchase bee friendly seeds from here or get them to check this list of bee friendly plants.
  • Make sure your parents aren't spraying flowers with pesticides.  But if they have to then suggest that they do it in the late evening, when the beds have gone to bed.  Your parents might like to read more about how bees are affected by sprays here.
  • Provide water for the bees in your garden.  You might like to place pebbles or twigs in a saucer of water, so bees have something to stand on and drink.

We can all make a difference!


Be in to win

By colouring in this picture of a bee and sending it to us by 30 September to: Sweetree Honey, P O Box 21 031, Rototuna, Hamilton or scanning and emailing to, you could be in to win:
  • 6 years and under:  a packet of honey stick beeswax crayons and a packet of bee friendly seeds.

  • 7 - 10 years old:  500g jar of Kirikiriroa honey (from the Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Zoo and Taitua Aboretum) and a packet of bee friendly seeds.

Download the colouring competition here!

What Else Can we Do To Help our NZ Bees?

Written by Stephanie on September 3rd, 2015.      0 comments

Here’s some ideas of what we can all do to help our NZ bees.

Garden organically.  If you struggle with that idea then look for bee friendly sprays and use them at dusk when the bees are back in their hives.  Avoid neonicotinoids with these ingredients: acetamiprid, imidacloprid, thiacloprid and thiamethoxam.  Also avoid spraying when plants are in flower.  Read information on this.
Grow plants in your garden that attract bees.  Bees love plants with ample amounts of pollen and nectar such as borage, lavender, rosemary, calendula and forget-me-not.  Remember bees are attracted to these colours: yellow, blue-green, blue and ultraviolet flowers, choose several colours.  Check out our list of bee friendly plants for your garden

You can purchase wildflower bee friendly seeds here.   All the money from these seed sales go back to the National Beekeepers Association to help NZ bees. 

Bee getting a drink-772Supply water for the bees.  Create a shallow pond in your garden where bees can land on the edges to collect water.  Or place pebbles or twigs in a saucer of water so bees have something to stand on and drink.  Wet sand is another great option, pop it near flowering plants and water regularly.
Don’t mow your lawn too often, leave clover and dandelion in the lawn for a while for bees to forage on   (if you can stand it).
Eat more organic food to encourage producers to limit pesticides on crops.
Deal with bees swarms the right way. If you come across a swarm of bees please don’t call the exterminators but instead call your local beekeeping club.  ApiCulture NZ have some contact numbers on their website.  Having said this you do want to destroy wasp nests as they rob beehive honey stores.  You can pour petrol on their nests or contact a terminator.  Make sure you learn the difference between a bee and a wasp and between a wasp nest and natural beehive though!
Buy honey from beekeepers that care about bees.  Find out more about the honey you are eating and make sure it is from beekeepers who care about their bee’s health and not just about production. 
Spread the word, by letting people know this information and support any petitions or change in policy that further protects our bees.


Read more on looking after our NZ bees here:


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